Blogic Documentation

Now its easy to create blogs using Notion more than ever. Please go through documentation once you signup for Blogic, if you haven't signed up please click the below link to signup.


Getting started

Learn how to create a in less than 20 seconds. 🤯

Before you proceed any further!

You need a Notion account before you create an account on Blgoic, This is a must. Notion is free to register and use, you don't need to pay for Notion to use Blogic.

Quick start

Please open home page and Click on Create your Blog Now button.

Connecting to Notion

Once you click, it automatically takes you to the Notion website that looks like below screen. We have 2 steps to get your blog running.

🔑 Allow access to Notion

In this step, we need to authorize Blogic, basically allowing Blogic to read the data from Notion. Click on the button that says Next. This will load the next step to duplicate the template.

Choose the first option that says Use a template provided by the developer and then click Allow Access button

And thats it!

Tada 🎉

You have successfully created your Blog. It looks like below screen. You can click on the link that is shown in the success message or click on the preview button on the top right corner. Remember, when it loads for the first time it will be slower but the subsequent loads are faster as they will be cached.

Head to how to edit section