Blogic Settings

Blogic Settings Section.

We have integrated with Google fonts so that you have an option to choose over 1400+ fonts for your blog.

Website Details

Goto Blogic Settings, scroll to Website Details, you will a section like below screen. Modify them and hit save button to see the changes.


Subdomain is the your unique url to your blog site. This can be changed any time, but it has to be not taken by anybody else.


This is Website name or title, this information is used to show in title section of your blog.


This is Websit

How to Change font?

Goto Blogic Settings, scroll to Choose Website Font. Click on the dropdown menu and select your favorite font and then click save. This will change the font family of your blog, if you don't see it updated please append ?cache=0 to your url to flush the cache (This is only temp)

Goto Blogic Settings, scroll to Logo and Favicon. Click on the upload a file link and then you can choose the file and hit save.


Please note that you have to upload the logo and favicon both before hitting save.

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