Create Blogic Form

In this section, we will learn how to create a form in 3 simple steps.

Notion Database

Create Database

Create a table inside Notion, You can choose your own columns. Example like below

Access to Blogic

Once you create the database,

  • In the top right corner, click on the three dots (...), you will see a dropdown menu
  • In the connections section in the bottom of the dropdown, hover on Add Connections, Search for Blogic and then select it. This will allow Blogic to have write access to the new form database.

Blogic Setup

  • Head over to Blogic site and then click on forms in the left hand sidebar. or simply click here Blogic Forms
  • Click on the Create button on top right corner, above the forms table.
  • A dialog that looks like below is shown.
  • Give Title, Choose Notion Database from the dropdown list, make sure to choose the one that is created in previous step and status to enabled and then hit save. You will have a row created on the forms page inside Blogic Forms

Head over to next section to learn how to use the just created form in any page of your website

Introduction to Forms