Subscribers Configuration

This section will explain on how to enable subscribers and configure it.

Subscribers Settings

Toggle the Subscribers

  • Goto Blogic Settings page and then scroll to the bottom of the page, where you can see Subscribers Settings.
  • Toggle the settign that says Enable Newsletter Subscription on your blog. This will show more configuration options like below.
  • Add values for Heading, Button Text and Block description. Subscriber verification email is optional but read more about it below how you can customise it.
  • For using Subscriber verification email template, You can write html content too but in place of the link to verify use {link} text that will insert the link. For example something like below
        <title>Verification Email</title>  
        Hey there! 👋
            Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter, Please click the link below to prove that you are human, we will send interesting blog posts to you.
        <a href="{link}">Verify</a>
  • Now hit Save button. This will show the Subscriber form on the blog posts like below.
Introduction to Subscribers