Use Blogic Forms

In this section, we will learn how to use a form in any page that was created in previous section.

Copy form code

From previous section, we have created a form in Blogic that looks like below in the Blogic forms dashboard.

Now, you can see a column that says Form ID, click on the code that looks like NSJHK7Z7. This will copy a short code to your clipboard that looks like below.

[form id=NSJHK7Z7|button=Submit|message=Thank you for contacting us]

Don't worry, the above is just a simple short code that gives great flexibility in customizing your form. Let me decrypt the above short code. So it contains simple format where it starts with [form and ends with ], in between is all the values that you pass. Also, each parameter is separated with |
Currently, there are three values we are passing

  • id: ID is the id of the form that you see in the forms table in Blogic.
  • button: button value here is Submit, this is the text that you show on the form button.
  • message: This message text is the one that is shown as success message after submit button is clicked by the user.
  • fields: This is an important value that needs to be passed but missing from the above code because, this is your preference. Fields are the column names that you want to capture into the database and are seperated with comma(,). For example, I want to collect Email, Name in the form then the code looks like below
[form id=NSJHK7Z7|button=Submit|message=Thank you for contacting us|fields=Email,Name]

Use the form

Now, we have the code that was copied from previous section, goto any blog post or page and paste it like below.

Now, when you open the page in the browser, the form should be on the page.

Create a Form